Everybody loves cars. Who doesn’t? Cars were invented to give us the utmost convenience and comfort of day to day transportation. Each year more and more people buy cars for both personal and business use as the automobile industry continues to meet the growing demands of its consumers all over the world.  Cars are especially designed according to use, style and convenience for everyone and transformed into becoming one of the most powerful transportation equipment that ever touched the road. 


Though vehicles play a big role in our everyday lives, it also has its own disadvantages. Car accidents are one of the most common incidents we encounter along the road each day. Sadly, most of these accidents don’t only cost us damage among automobiles but it has also cost lives as well. All around the world, millions of people die on the road each year. In New Zealand, an estimated rate of 35.68 fatalities per millions of people is recorded, making it the second highest country in the world to have the most number of casualties resulting to vehicular accidents.

So, how can we protect ourselves on the road? It’s just simple but truly vague for others who forget the main purpose of cars to our lives.  Most car accidents are caused by different factors that can easily be prevented with proper knowledge of basic traffic rules and safety procedures. Many individuals think that passing their driver’s test makes them knowledgeable enough to take the wheel. Driving needs more than just basic familiarity of the vehicle, it requires full responsibility and courtesy on and off the road.

Different Factors that Causes Vehicular Accidents

As we turn on the television, we see motor vehicle accidents just about anywhere. Most of these vehicles that are crushed and totally wrecked from car collisions are picked up by car wreckers Wellington and brought to the nearest impound area to be investigated by authorities. Witnessing these encounters, we say to ourselves, “maybe the driver is drunk or drugged” but giving the benefit of the doubt, there are other factors resulting to vehicular casualties and property damages that we neglect to identify and often take for granted while driving on the road ourselves.

Studies show that one of the leading causes of car accidents is distracted driving. Distracted driving happens when the driver diverts his attention to other things aside from the road. We often find ourselves distracted while driving without us even knowing it. Texting while driving or taking a call while on the road could be very dangerous. We lose focus and overlook the things around us thus, making it hard for us to concentrate on the vehicles before us or the road that lies ahead. Eating while driving also diverts our attention while driving and most of the time causes car collisions and fatal vehicular accidents. It is strongly advised to avoid using mobile use and eating while driving to prevent motor vehicle accidents and protect other people around us.

Other causes vary from speeding, simple traffic violations, drunk driving, driving under the influence of drugs and irresponsible handling of motor vehicles such as reckless driving and drag racing are also considered unsafe for both drivers and common individuals driving alongside the road. These causes are highly preventable and should be discussed with car users, professional drivers and first time drivers to ensure safety and responsible driving and prevent mishaps and tragedies on the road.